NEA Success at February 2016 Tournament

February NEA team

On Saturday, February 6th, the New England Academy took top awards at the OCDL's Buena Park Joint Tournament. The students were matched up against six other local schools (roughly 120 students) both public and private in the OCDL's Blue Division.

Led by coach Anjali Narang, the group was made up of 6th to 8th grade students Ava A, Milin P, Sujan A, Jahnvi M, Surina A, Vivian T, Nadia A, Kathy C, Ryan G, Arav P, Sandhya G, Samantha C, Shivana D and Marcus M.

Specific details follow

Speaker Awards

5th Place - Ryan G (top 6th grader)
15th Place - Jahnvi M
16th Place - Kathy C
19th Place - Nadia A

Team Awards

7th Place Team (Vivian T, Samantha C, Nadia A)

School Awards

New England Academy 3rd Place Tournament Award - highest percentage of school wins
New England Academy3rd Place Overall School Award - total wins, regardless of number of teams

Congratulations, Debaters!